Onboarding and Success Plans

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Optimize Your Onboarding Experience

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Guided Onboarding

We enable your administrator on platform set up, data input, and customization. We’ll get you started on the platform and show you how to navigate our on-demand resources to augment training and adoption.

Guided onboarding price is $1,500.

Ongoing training is available when you add the Premier Success Plan, maximizing adoption to help you meet your business goals.

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Premier Success Plan

Ongoing Success by Design

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Up to 70% of CRM investments fail when teams don’t invest properly in implementation, adoption, and long-term success. Insightly’s proven Onboarding and Premier Success plans help you implement, adopt, and optimize Insightly.

Onboarding is just the beginning of optimizing your investment in Insightly. You need a partner in your journey to help you optimize Insightly as you grow.

With Insightly’s Premier Success Plan, you’ll partner with a Customer Success Manager and a Technical Account Manager to drive your ongoing success through regular account reviews and hands-on training through new feature releases. You’ll also have access to priority phone and email support.

Premier Support is the best way to get the most from Insightly.

Customers who choose a Premier Success Plan see these benefits:

  • 53% higher usage rates
  • 12% more high-frequency users
  • Faster platform adoption
  • Higher user satisfaction rates
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Standard Support

Included in all packages

Premier Success

20% of Insightly Investment ($3,000 minimum annually)

Online knowledge base


In-product guides

Email Support

Phone Support

Long-term adoption programs

Customer Success Manager

Technical Account Manager

Business Reviews

Insightly’s Proven Process

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Ongoing Proactive Adoption

Maximize the value of your investment in Insightly with implementation assistance, formalized learning programs, and ongoing insights designed around your unique business needs.


Alignment and Goal Attainment

Insightly experts share best practices, create a roadmap designed around your goals, and meet with you regularly so you stay on track to success.


Insightly Expert Care

Access knowledge and insights from Insightly experts quickly so you get questions answered and direct, human support when you need it.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Guided Onboarding package?

The Guided Onboarding Package is designed to help customers implement the applications they purchase and maximize the value of their investment in Insightly.  When customers include the Guided Onboarding Package to their subscription, upon signing up they are introduced to their Onboarding Specialist (OS). Onboarding Specialists work alongside customers for the initial period of their subscription to help them complete the initial configuration of core functionality on the platform, such as creating custom fields, customizing layouts, building workflows and migrating data.  The Guided Onboarding Package includes implementation guidance and support for Insightly CRM, Insightly Marketing, and Insightly Service.  The Guided Onboarding Package is a one-time cost of $1,500 applied when a product is or multiple products are purchased.

What is the Premier Success Plan?

The Premier Success Program aligns  customers with an account service team to provide resources designed to optimize platform usage, drive continued user adoption, and align technical support.  Customers work with Insightly experts in customer success and technical account management to focus on and achieve their strategic goals.

Do customers need to purchase both onboarding and premier success?

We recommend that customers purchase both onboarding and Premier Success. Why? Because, no matter the industry, up to 50-70% of all CRM implementations fail because of lack of alignment, adoption, and communication. Conversely, companies that are aligned and and driving great customer experiences drive 2.5x more revenue than companies that are slow to align, share data, and communicate. The Guided Onboarding package is required for customers who are subscribed to the Premier Success Program. This ensures that accounts with a dedicated CSM have been properly onboarded to Insightly and are positioned correctly to work on goal attainment, account optimization, and user adoption.

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